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Bianka Drozdik




Workshop for animation basics - VHS Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany



Embracing the Root - Copenhagen, Denmark



Das schiefe Haus - Dessau, Germany

Anhaltisches Theater Dessau

@Zsolt Gog

About me

How puppetry came about

My intuition had led me to pursue art at an early age, so I got into an Acting training. I didn’t know exactly what was missing until I took part in an object theatre workshop. The expansion of my expressive possibilities brought up the boundless creativity in me, which had the unmistakable power: a world full of poetry, metaphorical images and childlike fun.

That’s how I discovered puppet theatre in addition to acting, and with that, I found the niche for my best artistic development.

With this novel interest, I applied for the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst „Ernst Busch“ in Berlin to study contemporary puppetry. Since graduating from „Ernst Busch“, I have been working freelance (currently from Leipzig) and incorporating a wide variety of theatrical forms in different constellations.


The Vision

The material comes to life

For me, the theatre of things means taking a step in poetry. Behind everyday objects, stories and people hides the invisible, the wonderful, the indescribable. The manifold manifestations of puppetry are the means for me to explore the limits of form, to reverse perspectives, to turn physical rules upside down, and to expand my artistic imagination.


What People say

Jury at Freisprung Festival 2022, Rostock

-Paperlicious -

„How dreary and supervised can a human being be before something happens to break the spell of external determination? All paper … and then it turns into life, which turns everything upside down, becomes independent and throws the world, which is pressed into cantons, out of joint. Self-empowerment at its finest, played with virtuosity and without a single spoken word. Wow! Leaves the audience full of goose bumps.“


Peter Bilsing

- Frankenstein -

„Evi Arnsbjerg Brygmann, Bianka Drozdik, Eileen von Hoyningen Huene and Anastasia Starodubova do their job magnificently and rightly receive euphoric applause at the end. A great start, a superb presentation of the new division of the puppet theatre at the Musiktheater in Gelsenkirchen.“


Wolfgang Schilling

- der himmel ist ja da -

„We experience a playful ensemble in which even the stage manager advances to become a teammate and dancer. The team around director Christian Franke tackles the major questions of social faith with ease. All of them are so young that they can hardly have experienced real existing socialism, at least in political consciousness. But with a bright head enough to want to question our really existing capitalist present.“


Elisabeth Höving

- disconnect -

„[…] Bianka Drozdik and her partner, Eileen von Hoyningen Huene tell the story with flashbacks to childhood, how two young women meet at a party. How they find each other as a couple. And how a deadly treacherous disease – Covid 19 according to the data – causes one to sneak out of the other’s life through death, leaving the other in suffocating loneliness. This is a performance of strong feelings, admirably haunting and authentically played.[…]”


Get Connected

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Phone number: +49 15163190589