Musiktheater im Revier Gelsenkirchen

Rico, Oscar und die Tieferschatten


Ten-year-old Rico from Berlin-Kreuzberg describes himself as „deeply disadvantaged“; he sometimes takes a little longer to think. This makes him the exact opposite of his new friend Oskar, the seven-year-old highly gifted. Together they follow in the footsteps of the child kidnapper „Mister 2000“. The author Andreas Steinhöfel created with the „Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten“ probably the most successful children’s and youth book of recent years. The Musiktheater im Revier shows the theatre version by Felicitas Loewe in a musical version with puppets.

Musical direction: Martin Sotelo
Directing, costumes and puppet making: Kai Anne Schuhmacher
Stage: Anke Niehammer
Light: Stefan Meik
Sound:  Fabian Halseband
Dramaturgy: Olaf Roth
With: Daniel Jeroma, Seth Tietze, Johanna Kunze, Merten Schroedter, Bianka Drozdik