what to expect

Udviklingsplatformen for Scenekunst
Residency Programm

We want to look at the topic of identity from as many angles as possible – both from our own experiences and on a larger societal level. Our different perspectives allow us to bring a variety of unique ideas to the table. (Bianka is Hungarian, Evi is Danish. We’ve both lived in Germany for five years and speak German to each other) Our home countries have different attitudes towards issues and rules around sexual, cultural and gender identities – and Hungary has one of the most extreme attitudes in Europe. 

Our strong bond was formed while navigating the challenges of building new identities in a foreign country. We had to learn a new language, adapt to a new culture and redefine who we were in this new world. As we gradually integrated into German society, we began to question the concept of cultural identity: When does one truly become part of a country’s cultural heritage? How does our upbringing shape our identity and how much can it evolve through new experiences and conscious choices? How many different kinds of identities can we uncover within ourselves and which one defines us the most?

We want to explore the topic of identity through the use of textiles, which we as puppeteers see as a challenging but also incredibly appropriate material. Textiles are ubiquitous in our daily lives, mainly to cover and keep our bodies warm. Apart from the practical use, we consciously or unconsciously use them as a means to express ourselves, our personality, ethnicity, social status, etc.

start of the residency: 13th of nov 2023